Keep your vehicles full and earn more with direct from shipper loads

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Find, react and manage loads – 24/7, with no investment and obligations

View all shipper loads

Free access to all available loads with no margin filtering and price manipulations like traditional brokers. Creating a truly open and transparent marketplace.

Direct payments from shippers

Receive payments directly from shippers via our built-in international payment gateway. We accept different payment methods and generate finance proof invoices. For your shippers paying invoices is just a matter of minutes now.

Generate more revenues

Avoid driving back empty. Find reloads before and during shipments. Our smart algorithm suggests reloads based on your home location. Getting your drivers back home has never been easier. You decide when you want to use the gateway and there are no strings attached.

Only direct from shipper loads

Brokers act as filters between shippers and carriers. This significantly reduces the amount of freight and ultimately your revenues. Furthermore, this market is known for the lack of transparency in setting the prices. Cargors enables direct from shipper loads which means the prices are set directly between the shipper and carrier. We are breaking the habit of selling high and buying low by brokers.

Earn more with less hassle

Enabling the real benefit
of a digital freight network

As more shippers and carriers join the Cargors network, carriers and shippers will have more options in freight, fewer empty kilometres and less wasted hours, allowing them to earn more per day. The more carriers join the network, the more capacity increases and shippers will see better prices per kilometre and increased quality.


A complete transport solution saving you time and money

We make it easy to find loads and keep trucks full. With Cargors you will have everything in one place: from finding a load until invoicing and getting paid.
Focus on filling your available truckload and generating more revenue without making any investment.

We aim to create full transparency between shippers and carriers. There are no hidden manipulations between what a shipper wants to pay and what a carrier is asking.

Create a new dispatcher account or add new drivers as you grow. A true multi-user platform that grows with you without losing simplicity.

Dispatchers, drivers, and shippers can communicate within the platform. Conversations are linked to shipments or can be general. Losing control of the conversation is now something of the past.

Avoid driving back empty by filtering on loads with reloads nearby. For each available load Cargors automatically checks whether there are other loads nearby with delivery close to your home location.

Not every shipment is urgent. We allow carriers to confirm new dates and times which fit better in the planning. This will lead to better prices for shippers and more efficient loading for carriers.