What makes Cargors DIFFERENT than others

Why cargors? We enable direct business between the shipper and the carrier by eliminating the broker, while still giving you all the benefits in a free one-stop-shop platform.

The road freight market in Europe is known for its extremely low margins. This is mainly caused by brokers that are charging very high commissions. There are two types of freight brokers, namely: traditional freight brokers and digital freight networks/platforms that act as brokers.

What is a traditional freight broker?

A freight broker is a company contracted by a single shipper or a group of shippers to act as a middleman between the shipper and the carrier. They facilitate the movement of loads from pickup point to destination by accessing their extensive network of carrier relationships. 

Although a freight broker plays an important role in the movement of freight, the broker does not act as shipper or carrier. Instead, a freight broker works to determine a shipper’s needs and connects that shipper with a carrier willing to transport the goods at an acceptable price. A traditional broker often interacts with carriers and shippers by using email and phone.

What are digital freight networks and how are they acting as brokers?

In recent years, the number of digital freight networks in the road freight market has increased. The vast majority of these networks use machine learning, automation and other services to improve the shipping experience for the carrier and shipper. However, they still act as the traditional broker by being the middleman. They still set all the prices and keep the commission per shipment secret

The goal of brokers is to charge the shipper as high as possible and find suitable carriers for as little money as possible. Moreover, they remain the middleman and do not allow direct contact between the carrier and the shipper. Below you will find some main differences.



Platforms as Brokers


Network of carriers
Network of shippers
Support during shipment
Realtime Track and Trace
Documents in the cloud
Free transport management platform
Transparent pricing between carrier and shipper
Unfiltered access to shippers and carriers
Direct communication between carriers and shippers

Other benefits of Cargors

Dedicated account manager.

From the beginning we assign a dedicated account manager to all our shippers and carriers. This person will be your direct contact person for all the communication with Cargors.

Unfiltered access to all shippers and carriers.

As shippers receive quotes from any carrier and as carrier see loads of any shipper. You define the prices and we will never play the traditional broker game: sell high buy low. Creating a true digital network.

No subscriptions, contracts and hidden costs.

Starting with Cargors is completely free and you will never be bound by contracts or surprised by hidden costs. We charge a commission per order and that's it.

Accessible 24/7 via desktop, iPhone and Android.

With Cargors you will always have access to your orders, documents, invoices and other important information.

Dedicated support team available via Live Chat, Email and telephone.

Apart from having a dedicated account manager, you can always contact our dedicated support team who are waiting to help you with any question you might have.

Driven by integrity.

Long-term shipper and carrier trust, satisfaction, and commitment is what drives us. This is YOUR market and Cargors is here to help you.