Why Cargors for your local and international shipment destinations in Europe?

Cargors will help you gain a competitive advantage. Simplify and streamline all your shipments by having your own portal for free. Our platform gives you full control of your shipments in one central location & helps you organise multiple shipments with our automated solutions. Discover the many ways we can help you grow.

Fast and easy

Complete your shipment request in 5 minutes and let the quotes come to you. Hassle-free, no phone calls and emails required.

Shipments are insured

For transport within the Netherlands, your shipment is insured in accordance with AVC conditions. For international transport, your shipment is insured according to CMR conditions.

Built-in rating system

All carriers can be rated by the shippers. This will help you to make the right decision around who to trust. Carriers are rated for the following: price, service, quality, track, and trace.

Great prices

Save up to 40% on standard rates when carriers that already make similar journeys compete for your order. By using Cargors you deal directly with Carriers and therefore avoid the high broker fees.

Support from Cargors

Although you deal directly with the carriers, Cargors will always assist you in case of problems. This will significantly reduce the workload on your employees.


Supported destinations for local and international transport

Join Cargors and request transport quotes for your shipments in less than 10 minutes

Supported goods

Cargors supports euro pallets, block pallets, boxes, and also other type of goods (for example mini pallets). To avoid any damage to your goods we advice to use pallets.

Euro pallets

Length = 120 cm

Width = 80 cm

Max load = 800 kg

Max pallets = 33 pallets

Total weight allowed = 24000 kg

Block pallets

Length = 120 cm

Width = 100 cm

Max load = 1000 kg

Max pallets = 26 pallets

Total weight allowed = 24000 kg

Ship full truckload (FTL) when you have enough products to fill a full truckload, or when you have a partial load but you prefer a dedicated truck. 

Ship less than truckload shipping (LTL) for relatively small load. LTL carriers usually handle loads from multiple businesses.

Ship express when you have time sensitive load. In the road freight market there are carriers specialised in this category.





Local and international LTL shipping with Cargors

Benefit from reduced costs

When booking an LTL shipment, you only pay for the portion of the truck used. The rest of the cost is covered by the other occupants of the trailer’s space. 

Reduce your CO2 emissions

Combining shipments together via LTL shipping is a cost-effective option for the shipper. In addition, it’s also a more environmentally conscious way to ship. Since LTL shipments allow one truck to carry a full load, rather than multiple trucks carrying loads below their full capacity, there are fewer emissions.

LTL gives you more flexibility

If you are a small to medium-sized business, your demand is most likely to fluctuate at different times. LTL offers your business the flexibility to book more pallets when you need them.