Driven by a mission

The world of logistics is very traditional and anything but transparent. There is a lot of fragmentation and too little automation. This only works to the advantage of brokers. Najeeb Qazizada and Tim Bosman felt this could no longer be the case. As the founders of Cargors and both with extensive experience in logistics and supply chain, they decided to do things differently. This time to the benefit of SMEs and the environment.

It frustrated Najeeb and Tim that trucks often drive half empty after unloading their first load. A missed opportunity both financially and in terms of sustainability. Transportation in this way produces unnecessary Co2 emissions.

In 2021, Najeeb and Tim's journey began. Since then, they have been fully focused on making the world of transportation more fair and transparent. Thus, Cargors was born: a transparent and independent gateway.

Together we stand for
corporate social responsibility.

Every shipment made through Cargors gateway contributes to planting trees
both in the Netherlands and abroad. The amount of trees that will be planted
depends on the number of shipments, this increases in proportion.

You make sure your carbon footprint is neutral.

You provide a greener living environment.

Local people also benefit.

Our culture

Cargors stands for empowerment and we truly believe and celebrate the diversity in talent, humour, and personalities.



A family