Getting started with Cargors is very easy. The whole process includes the following steps:

  1. Sign up on our mobile app or on the web panel
  2. After sign up Cargors will validate and activate your account within 24 hours.
  3. After activation you can login and get started

If this is not clear then please contact us and we will be happy to guide you.

Validation is done by a Cargors employee to safeguard overall quality.

Cargors is a gateway that connects shippers with carriers for transporting freight by road. Shippers can submit a request for quotation (RFQ) for transporting freight, carriers can quote for such requests, and when accepted by shippers, they can assign drivers to carry out these requests. In this process, Cargors does not act as a broker between shippers and carriers, as both parties can do business directly without price manipulation.

Cargors was created with the aim to give shippers and carriers more control over their market. The road freight market suffers from a high degree of inefficiency in vehicle utilisation, transparency in pricing and speed of communication. On average, commercial vehicles (from van to truck) spend more than 40% of their time empty. At Cargors, we work every day to significantly reduce the number of empty kilometres. Our system makes it easier for carriers to find, manage and communicate with shippers. It is a true one-stop-shop for both carriers and shippers.


Create a new dispatcher account and/or add new drivers as you grow. A truly multi-user platform that grows with you without losing the simplicity. Both accounts can be created from the carrier’s main account or directly from the login page by the driver and planner themselves.

Link external and internal drivers within minutes, assign shipments to them so they are ready to start.

Bad agreements are the main reason why carriers lose a lot of time and drive empty. Even if a carrier is able to find a shipment on the right route, the timing often does not match the planning. We therefore facilitate flexible times, so that carriers and shippers can have better dealings with each other. Flexible times allow carriers to choose the perfect pick-up and delivery date for their planning, so that they are loaded more efficiently. Shippers also benefit from timely delivery, lower rates and lower costs.

The proof of delivery (POD) must be uploaded before an invoice can be generated. A POD can be uploaded via the mobile or web application.

Cargors has a built-in module that allows users to add and change extra costs to an ongoing shipment. This is very simple and gives you more control and certainty. Think of extra costs for additional waiting hours, pallets, overnight stays, detours, etc.

Cargors is a complete solution that generates invoices between carriers and shippers per shipment. It also generates invoices between carriers and Cargors for the services provided. Our system automatically validates all VAT numbers and applies the correct VAT rate per invoice. All you have to do is upload a photo of the POD via the mobile or web application.

We support local and international transport in Europe.

Standard (dry), temperature controlled and ADR.



We support local and international transport in Europe.

Standard (dry), temperature controlled and ADR.


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