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You do what you do best, so do we.

Cargors simplifies transportation. In our smart gateway, you can find simple options of carriers and easily manage your shipments. Everything in one place. That saves time and money. Focus on what really gives you energy!

With Cargors, we go for complete transparency between you and carriers. Our technology combines routes of carriers and your shipments. We offer instant feedback from multiple carriers. And with live chat, we support communication between users. We can't make transportation more fun, but we can make it easier.

With us, you can see all your active and upcoming shipments at a glance. For each shipment you can easily see the status, the carrier and which driver is carrying out the shipment.

Easy does it. That's why we standardize the process so you don't have to deal with the different working methods of the carriers. With us you don't have to deal with different registration portals, various quote formats, hidden costs and so on. And as you know, you're not the only one with these frustrations.

Have you been working with the same carriers for a while? Then the question is whether you still have the best prices on the market. With Cargors, you easily find out by sharing your transportation request with other carriers as well. Why go for a more expensive solution when there are alternatives?


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Connection and more

Our unique gateway connects shippers and carriers effortlessly. But not only that. You inspire us. We develop what you need and combine that with decades of experience and leading technology. As a result, you reap the benefits for your transport management.

Lost an invoice or proof of delivery (POD)? With Cargors all your invoices and documents are organized per shipment and available for download. Never lose any document and avoid having disputes.

Our algorithm calculates the right price based on supply, demand and data. Think of: location, weight, distance and vehicle type. This way you avoid paying too much for transport.


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