Save yourself the hassle and use Cargors for you express shipments

When you have an express shipment, the last thing you want to do is endlessly search Google for the right partner and fill out several forms to get a transportation quote. 

Cargors digital freight network can help you save time and money. We bring different transportation companies, which are specialized in express shipping, under one roof. 

This gives you much more certainty and also helps you compare prices that you would normally ignore due to the time-sensitivity.

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How fast can I place a request for quote?

When you have an express shipment then you don’t want to waste time. It takes no longer than 5 minutes to set up your free account and to request transport for your express shipments. This is much faster than looking endlessly through Google for the right partner. Let the transport companies, who are specialized in express shipments, come to you. 

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When should I select express transport?

Express transport is usually more expensive than standard transport. Therefore, only use it when time is of great importance.

It is clear that express is the fastest form of shipping. In simple terms, it means that your shipment will leave the warehouse or pick-up site as soon as possible and be on its way to your destination. The delivery time usually varies between 24 and 72 hours.

In short, express shipping is ideal for (examples):

Executives sending urgent documents.
Businesses that need to avoid out-of-stock issues.
Anyone who needs to receive their shipping urgently.
Production sites that need to avoid falling idle.

Can I request express transport for LTL shipments or just boxes?

By using the Cargors gateway you can easily request express transport for your LTL shipmentsFTL shipmentspallets, boxes, etc.

Can I send an express shipment internationally?

It is possible to send an express shipment to another country. With an express shipment, you can be sure that the shipment will be delivered. Cargors works with couriers who deliver both within the Netherlands and outside the Netherlands. The major advantage of express shipments is that they are delivered quickly and safely.

4 reasons why Cargors is the best solution for your express shipments

Communicate directly with carriers and drivers

Nothing is more frustrating than when a carrier or driver does not respond during an urgent shipment. We monitor all shipments and offer dedicated support. In addition, Cargors has an integrated communication module through which you can reach the carriers and drivers directly. Would you like to instruct the driver? Then send a message directly from the gateway. Say goodbye to calling brokers, brokers who call carriers, carriers who call drivers, and so on.

All carriers are validated by Cargors

To safeguard quality, Cargors always validates carriers before adding them to the Cargors freight network. For example, all carriers are AVC/CMR qualified and can transport your express shipment quickly and safely from point A to point B.

Accessible 24/7 via desktop, iPhone, and Android

With Cargors you always have access to your express shipments. All documents, invoices, and other important information can be found organized per shipment. This way you will never lose track.

Real-time track and trace

Nothing is more important than tracking your shipment when time is critical. See where the drivers are located and the current status of the shipment from the time the shipment is started to the time it is completed.

How to prepare a pallet to prevent damage

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