We make transport from and to Portugal easier and cheaper

Every day, carriers leave for Portugal: from complete trailers, machines, groupage, pallets, cooled wine transport to emergency transport. Let the carriers come to you instead of searching endlessly. Cargors gives you direct access to carriers specialized in transport from and to Portugal. In a few minutes, you can place your transport order and receive quotes from international carriers. Save up to 40% on standard fares when carriers already making similar trips compete for your job.

Cargors is not only for transport to well-known destinations such as Lisbon, Porto, or the Algarve, but also offers solutions for less popular places elsewhere in Portugal. This applies to complete trailers (FTL), but also to partial loads (LTL) or just a single pallet.

Portugal is one of the most important trading partners for countries in Europe due to its good location for sea transport. Road transport is the most obvious option for the arrival and departure of sea transport. Sign up for Cargors and reach multiple carriers by posting one quote instead of multiple per carrier.

Other transport destinations

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All carriers can be rated by the shippers. This helps you make the right decision about who to trust. Transporters are assessed on the following points: price, service, quality and traceability.

Support from Cargors

Although you will be dealing directly with the carriers, Cargors will always assist you in solving transport-related problems. This will significantly reduce the workload on your employees.

All invoices in 1 place

Manage and pay invoices from within the platform. Invoices are generated after uploading the POD. Payments can be made with credit and debit cards. Say goodbye to invoices in different places and see directly which invoices are paid and which are not.

What goods can I ship to Portugal?

Cargors supports euro pallets, block pallets, mini pallets, and more. To prevent damage to your goods, we advise you to use pallets.

We put you in direct contact with international transport companies for transport to Portugal, without hidden costs. In a few minutes, you can place your transport order and receive quotes from international carriers.

We have made it as easy as possible for you to ship to Portugal or other EU countries. You do not need a contract or subscription to use our service.

Quotes can come in within minutes. These are completely non-binding. This way you can choose the international transport company that suits your needs best.

What type of goods can I send or import?

On the Cargors platform you can request transport quotes for standard (dry), conditioned and ADR goods. Portugal is an important trading partner for clothing, shoes, wine, wood and paper.



Length = 120 cm

Width = 80 cm

Maximum load = 800 kg

Maximum number of pallets = 33 pallets

Total authorized weight = 24000 kg

Block pallet

Length = 120 cm

Width = 100 cm

Maximum load = 1000 kg

Maximum number of pallets = 26 pallets

Total authorized weight = 24000 kg

All carriers are validated before they are admitted to the Cargors network

All carriers are AVC/CMR qualified and can transport cargo quickly and safely from point A to point B. However, we look a step further and do research on google for reviews to get a better idea.

Request your transport quote to Portugal now!

Do you have pallets you want to ship to Portugal? Then request a transport quote without obligations. We offer FTL, LTL and Express shipments to Portugal and other countries in the EU. Cargors is also the right partner for import from Portugal. Do you have questions about how Cargors works or about our service? We will be happy to help you.

Frequently asked questions

Most carriers only deliver goods that are on a pallet. However, not all goods can be placed on a pallet. We give you the opportunity to request a quote for goods that do not fit on a pallet or cannot be efficiently placed. Examples: office furniture, production machines, and wood.

No, Cargors only supports shipments for businesses, both B2B and B2C.

Yes, Cargors is completely free to use. There are no registration or monthly subscription fees.

Standard (dry), conditioned, and ADR.

When requesting a quote you can select the EXPRESS option. You can also indicate that your pick-up and delivery times are not flexible. This requires responding carriers to deliver your shipment at the requested date and time.

You only pay when the goods are delivered. We use a payment term of 21 days after delivery. You can pay by credit card, iDeal and Bancontact.

The AVC conditions are used for transport within the Netherlands. AVC stands for “Algemene Vervoerscondities”. The liability of the carrier is limited to a maximum of € 3.40 per kilogram of transported weight.

The CMR Convention applies to cross-border transport within Europe. This Treaty is also based on a payment per kilogram of weight. The fee is 8.33 SDR (Special Drawing Rights). An SDR fluctuates and depends on multiple factors. Currently the price fluctuates around € 9.50 / € 10.00 per kilogram transported weight.

Many carriers are unclear about these rules. Depending on the cargo transported, the AVC or CMR conditions may not provide sufficient cover. The cargo is fully insured by means of goods transport insurance. This insurance cannot be arranged by a carrier and must be arranged by the owner of the goods.

Are you looking for an experienced and knowledgeable carrier for the transportation of ADR goods. With Cargors, it’s simple: select ADR while placing a transport order and let the carriers come to you with quotes. Please note that Cargors does not support class 1, 6.2 and 7.