Cargors price insight gives you the ask and bid range by using actual mass data (e.g. location, weight, distance, and vehicle type). Use this insight to make better and faster decisions. However, when there is no data available, Cargors will advise a price range based on e.g loading meters, distance, pickup, and delivery dates.

Problems and solutions

In case a shipment is damaged, carriers, dispatchers or drivers can report an issue on the platform by selecting report an issue in the update status section. This will automatically trigger Cargors service team to reach out and resolve the issue. Our service team will also help the shipper to submit a claim to the carrier.

For this we will need the following:

  • An invoice showing the value of the damaged products.
  • Clear photos showing the damage.

We also advise both parties to state this directly on the CMR/POD upon receipt of damaged goods before signing for receipt.

In case there is a delay in pick-up or delivery, the carrier or dispatcher can update the date and time in the update status section. This option is not available to the driver. Although the system automatically notifies the shipper when there is a change, we advise you to communicate in advance with the shipper before making any changes.

Carriers, dispatchers, and drivers can report an issue directly from the change status section on the shipment management screen. After selecting the report an issue option the user will be requested to fill in a form. In this form, the user can select the type of issue, provide more details, add photos, and select if the issue can be shared with the shipper or not. Cargors will always be notified when there is an issue reported and will help in resolving this.